So if you hear a C-major chord with an equal temperament, you’ve heard it a million times before and your brain accepts it. But if you hear a chord that you’ve never heard before, you’re like, “huh.” And your brain has to change shape to accept it. And once it’s changed shape, then you have changed as a person, in a tiny way.

Strange Visitor: A Conversation With Aphex Twin

maxwellyoung asked:

do u listen to podcasts? if so which ones?

i literally can’t sleep without a podcast playing i am a broken human please help i haven’t been able to sleep before 3am in like three months

  • u talking u2 2 me (the greatest podcast ever)
  • slate’s political gabfest (it’s okay to hate david)
  • slate’s gist (short, bus 2 work)
  • hardcore history (stupid name good podcast, especially for sleeping)
  • comedy bang bang (when there are good guests)
  • the world next week (eh)
  • new yorker out loud (eh sometimes)
  • new yorker political scene (good guests)
  • desus v mero
  • 99% invisible (when it’s not saccharine and annoying)
  • longform
  • thinking allowed

as u can see i am sick